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miércoles, 4 de julio de 2012

Triple Knot Love Spell

Knot spells typically will not have that many provides and therefore are reasonably effortless spells to carry out. Your intent is bound up inside the knots when you say the spell. All you would need is:

• Ylang ylang oil
• A size of red ribbon a minimum of 24 inches
• Patchouli oil

Place one or two drops of each and every oil into your palms, and rub them with each other. Pass your fingers alongside the size in the ribbon to anoint it with oil. You're going to tie three knots within the ribbon, so try out to area them out evenly along the length. Say every single line of your spell while you tie every single from the a few knots:

With knot of one, my love will come
With knot of two, it will be true
With knot of three, will be for me

Loop the knotted ribbon about your bed, bedside a lamp or perhaps the doorknob on your bedroom. You should not tie it nevertheless, you don't need any extra knots in there.

Moonlight Kiss Love Enchantment

Never ever underestimate the strength of the moon when it comes to any sort of wizardry, particularly white magic love spells. You are going to simply need Three elements for this one:

  • Section of rose
  • Tiny silver pan
  • Handful of pink or red petals

This practice is completed on the night of the new moon (that signifies that there won't be observable moon this night). Kiss the crystal, and set it in the bowl. Spread the rose petals over it, and set it in a windowpane for 7 nights.

Immediately after the full week is up, take the gem and bring it with you to attract romantic relationships into your living. Leave the bowl of flower petals in the window right up until the next new moon.

martes, 3 de julio de 2012

Love Spell with an Apple

To do this practice you will need a green apple, honey, some hair, strands of your soulmate's hair, along with a piece of red ribbon.

Firstly, you will need to cut the apple side to side across the center, so you can see the star made by the seeds.
Extend honey on both parts of the apple. Take the strands of hair, and twirl or braid all of them together.
Place the hair between the two halves, and wrap the apple back together using the bow. Tie it firmly. Hide the apple outdoors.
You'll find your desired lover starts to show a strong interest in you almost immediately.